Aroma Rice Cooker-Steamer Recipes

Aroma Rice Cooker-Steamer + Recipes

I don’t know how many times I’ve recommended this Aroma Rice Cooker-Steamer, or shared my recipes with others. This is one of the best kitchen purchases I’ve ever made. I’m definitely a fan.

This is the 8-cup version of the Aroma rice cooker – and it is apparently one of the most popular products at Amazon these days. I own the 10-cup version. There are sizes up to 20-cups for this same rice cooker. What you buy depends on the size of your family. When I bought mine I still had teenagers at home but now I’m a single woman so an 8-cup version would suit me fine. When am ever going to eat eight cups of rice at one sitting anyhow?

Of course you can cook less. There’s a cooking guide that comes with the rice cooker. I’m always amazed at how little water needs to be included with the rice. Because the steamer holds in most of the moisture, you don’t need a lot of water.

In the old days I used to cook “perfect rice every time” by using two cups water for every cup of rice, but with this steamer, that would be way too much water. Your rice would be swimming. When using this, follow the directions in the booklet that comes with the rice cooker.

What’s so cool about this rice cooker is that there’s a steamer rack. I can make rice and steam vegetables at the same time. Sometimes I steam sliced potatoes with brown rice, then cook sliced mushrooms, sliced carrots, and broccoli in my cast iron skillet with coconut oil and spring water. It cooks up into a nice meal that is extremely filling and should be served with a hearty salad, sunflower seeds included. Did I mention I’m a vegetarian? I do not miss eating meat, but you might prefer to add some to that meal plan.

Aroma 8-Cup (Cooked) Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer, Stainless Steel

The point of the rice cooker is that it creates a very simple-to-prepare meal – my favorite kind. This rice cooker steamer will prepare white or brown rice to perfection – but be sure to check proportions in the booklet since the required water is different for each type of rice.

If you cook too much rice, no problem. Just put the extra rice into freezer bags. It should last a few months and give you a little backup for future meals.

Okay, I am seriously not the best cook ever. I watch cooking shows like MasterChef, and am amazed at what those young people can cook up while under pressure. I’m especially shocked by the talented children on MasterChef Junior. My admiration is boundless. I cannot cook like that at all. I wish I could!

Here’s my Mexian Rice recipe: Sauté 1/2 onion in coconut oil (or your favorite oil) until coated, but not brown or limp. Place in rice steamer with five cups white rice and five and a half cups of water. Cook the rice. When cooked, add two tomatoes peeled and chopped plus one finely-chopped fresh chili if you like heat when you eat. You can optionally add shredded cheddar cheese and freshly chopped cilantro just before serving.

How to peel the tomatoes: Bring water nearly to a boil and toss in your tomatoes. Let them cook for about thirty seconds, then take them out and the peel will slip off.

When cooking rice in your Aroma Rice Cooker-Steamer, salt is optional. My recipes don’t call for salt, and the rice seems to taste fine to me anyhow. I don’t need extra salt in my diet. Some is good; a lot is not. When I was younger I always cooked rice with salt. I was surprised to find that recipes for this rice steamer don’t call for salt at all… but use it if you wish to – after all, it is your rice.

Here are two cookbooks with lots of good ideas for cooking rice in the Aroma Rice Cooker-Steamer. If you give this as a gift, a cookbook on the side would be a nice addition.

The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook – Rev: 250 No-Fail Recipes for Pilafs, Risottos, Polenta, Chilis, Soups, Porridges, Puddings, and More, froThe Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook: 25 Amazing Recipes You Can Make In Your Rice Cooker At Home! (Rice Cooker Recipes Book 1)