Baby Einstein Toys Infants

Baby Einstein Toys for Infants

For the new baby on your gift list, Baby Einstein toys for infants are educational, bright, and fun for babies to play with. These toys are creative and intended to teach infants art, languages, poetry, colors, and everything else a baby needs to know in their first four years of life. These educational toys entertain babies while their parents are busy or distracted, and provide young moms, dads and their little ones a fun interaction time as well..

Take Along Tunes - Baby Einstein Toy - InfantBaby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

This “Take Along Tunes” toy is one of the most popular toys at Amazon right now. This toy is tagged as a “#1 Best Seller.”

Take Along Tunes plays a variety of classical melodies by composers like Mozart, Chopin, and Vivaldi. An on/off switch also changes between high and low volumes. Parents do not find the music annoying, and babies love to play the tunes again and again. The screen lights up with color for a fun visual effect that babies love to watch as the music plays. This toy teaches music appreciation and promotes auditory development. Sound like fun?

Babies want to know about the world. Their parents want to keep them entertained, and that’s understandable because you can’t hold your baby 24/7. It is a nice idea, but life doesn’t work that way.

Parents are usually with their babies when they are awake. Toys can help with educational interaction between infants and their parents.

When the parents can’t be there with an infant, they’re usually in a playpen, crib, or baby car seat of some kind. Left to themselves, they need toys to learn from.

That’s where Baby Einstein toys come in. They are intentionally created as educational toys that are perfect for teaching young minds.

Baby Einstein Videos for Infants

The Baby Einstein company was started by a young mother in Alpharetta, Georgia, Julie Aigner-Clark, in 1997. She wanted to make educational videos especially for children ages birth to four years. As a former teacher of art and literature, she wanted her Baby Einstein videos for infants to teach poetry, classical music, and art.

Julie and her husband invested their own savings to produce the first Baby Einstein educational video for infants. The video she created, starting in her own home, was a big success. The company grew rapidly from there. She sold her company to the Walt Disney Company in 2001. They sold it to Kids II in 2013. The Baby Einstein company has to pay royalties to the Einstein estate for the use of the name, and this makes Einstein one of the top-five earning deceased celebrities.

Baby Einstein – Neighborhood Animals

These videos have mixed reviews but the overwhelming majority of reviewers gave them five stars. Apparently, babies love them and are learning from them! That makes them a good bet for a gift for infants. A video could be paired with a toy or two for a well-rounded gift.

Because the Baby Einstein videos were such an amazing success, the Disney company created a line of toys to go with them. These Baby Einstein toys became popular as well. They are currently created by Kids II, a company headquartered in Burbank, California.

Baby Einstein Plush Animals

Baby Einstein Octoplush

I especially like this adorable Baby Octoplush. It plays several different songs in English, Spanish or French.

Baby can start the music by touching sensitive spots on the Octoplush’s head. Babies like to look at the colors on the bottom of this toy. Each arm has a color button. Push the button and the Octoplush will tell you the color’s name. There’s a language selector. Babies can hear color names in English, Spanish or French.

Infant Play Gyms

Baby Einstein Caterpillar and Friends Infant Play GymBaby Einstein Caterpillar and Friends Play Gym

I love these infant play gyms. All baby needs to do is lie on her back (or his back) and reach up to activate music and play with toys. There are extra places to hang other toys the baby loves. This can keep a baby entertained for a long, long time.

This infant play gym features a washable 32″x32″ polyester mat, and motion activated classical music – eight melodies that play for twenty minutes. There are stars that light up. Everything is easy for a baby to learn to operate. There’s also a large safe baby mirror, discovery cards, a frog rattle and bead chaser, a dog chime, and a leaf-shaped water-filled teether. It is easy to assemble and it can be taken apart for easy travel when needed. Babies love these.