Gifts for Horse Lovers

Gifts for Horse Lovers

I love horses so I’ve found some great gifts for horse lovers. Every time I see a photo or movie about a beautiful horse it causes me to stop and stare in awe. Horses are so strong, so beautiful, and so graceful, they amaze me.

If you have horse lovers to buy gifts for you might find some good options on my list. Everyone is a little different and I’m sure you’ll know exactly what your special person will like, when you see it. Trust your instincts to guide you to the right gift.

Horse Posters

I will start with two of my favorite horse posters, both by a talented and well-known equestrian photographer, Bob Langrish. Because I’ve been thinking and writing about horses for years, his name and his photographs always come to mind when I think about horse posters.

His photographs are so perfect, they almost look like paintings, but no. This man specializes only in equestrian photography so he’s an expert in getting the most beautiful horse pictures in the world. He has taken over 400,000 horse photographs and the best pictures have found their way into the pages of over 300 books.

The first one here is called “Waterfall” and you can see why. It looks like the horse is rushing at us out of the magic of a waterfall. This 20″x16″ print costs less than ten dollars but you can pay more to get it framed – something that would be especially nice if you plan to give it as a gift.

The second poster is larger – 24″x36″ – a nice large poster size. That’s two feet by three feet. The name of this photograph is “Running.” Four horse race wildly toward us across a snow-covered field. You did see the fourth horse, right? It is kind of hiding at the back of the pack.

These awesome, spirited animals impart their energy, courage and wild abandon as they advance. I can only imagine what it must be like to be Bob Langrish as he photographs these creatures. He must be willing to risk his life to get the photo of a lifetime. And this one certainly qualifies. This poster is less than ten dollars but does not come with the framing option.

A Horse Blanket is a Gift Horse Lovers Will Love All Winter Long

It is that time of year when we want to just crawl under a blanket and hide – or at least get warm. This blanket is what I’d choose to cuddle up under while enjoying my hot apple cider, while watching an amazing Christmas movie – or even better, a horse movie! Come to think of it, a pairing of a horse blanket and horse movie would be perfect for the horse lovers on my gift list.

This is not the kind of horse blanket you would use on your horse. Oh no! I guess you could, but it is better on the sofa or an easy chair, keeping horse loving men and women warm. It measures 63″ by 73″ which is kind of large for a throw, and it is crafted from soft polyester fleece. I would definitely love to have this in my living room. Horses forever!

A Small Gift for A Horse Loving Woman

A small round trinket box, adorned with horses in action, would look beautiful on her dresser. This could be paired with a neclace – a horse pendant necklace, of course. It is hard to tell this isn’t real wood. The craftmanship is exquisite and the surface faux-wood is cherry-toned brown – very realistic looking considering this is probably made of resin.

The interior of the bowl is about 3+3/4″ wide and 1+3/4″ deep in the center. It is perfect for several bracelets, a few rings, and perhaps a chain-necklace or two. This ships in bubble wrap from China so order early as it isn’t available on Prime.

Horse Movies Make Good Gifts

Let’s talk movies. I love to talk about horse movies – they are some of my favorites. I love to watch the magic of an enormous beautiful movie-star horse racing across the sand at a beach, occasionally dipping into the surf.

Here are four of my favorite horse movies.

War HorseInto the WestSecretariatSeabiscuit

Let me tell you what we have here: a war horse, a magical horse, and two race horses. All these movies are quality cinema and horse lovers would seriously love to see them again and again.

Ring Out the Bells – Horse Bells for Christmas!

It is surely time to ring bells, and this cast aluminum bell is horse-ready and would look great on the side of the barn or the bungalow. It could even be mounted on a fence post in the garden. The surface finish is baked on black satin enamel. This bell is made in the USA.

The bell itself is 6″ high and 7+3/4″ across at the bottom. The bracket measures 9″ high by 12+1/2″ in length. It is larger than some of the other horse bells on Amazon, so if you opt for something cheaper, watch the sizes! I’ll bet this one gives out a nice loud ring! Maybe even a booming, pealing ring that resonates and sets up an echo in the barnyard. The cows would love it.

I actually looked on YouTube to see if there’s a video of this bell, so we could hear it ring, but I couldn’t find any such video. I found videos on how to make a bell, “Saved by the Bell,” and “Ring Out the Bells,” but no Montague Metal Products Cast Bell with Swedish Iron Horse. Sorry! Maybe next year! People are adding new videos all the time.

This reminds me of when my mom bought a bell to hang outside the back door. The purpose of the bell was to call in the kids at dinnertime. Those were the days.

Horse Backpack Gift for a Horse Loving Student or Hiker

I love this backpack, because when I look at it – I see a very realistic horse, staring back at me. This horse is so realistic I could give it a name – like Mandolin, or Red Spring, or Aftershock. Use your imagination on that.

The good thing about this backpack, besides the cool horse face, is that it has a main compartment big enough to hold a 15″ laptop, plus textbooks. It also has a front zipper pocket and an interior pouch, plus two of those side mesh pockets that are perfect for holding little water bottles and cell phones. It is 11.4″ by 7.1″ by 16.5″ (LxWxH) … in other words, just the right size for all the books and papers a student needs to deal with. On top of all that (literally) there’s a nice rubber handle, which is a great way to swing that backpack around when it isn’t on the student’s back. I really like this backpack and think it is a great gift for horse lovers if they’re students or day hikers.

One could conceivably ride their horse wearing this backpack. Perhaps it could hold a picnic lunch, a book to read while resting, and a pair of sunglasses. A nice way to give this gift would be to fill it up with things people might need while taking a nice long hike.

For the Horse Lover Who Wants to Love Their Horse

Cherry Hill is not a hill – she’s the author of this popular book on horse psychology. This book is one of thirty books she’s written on horse care and training topics. From this we deduce that she likes to write and she knows horses.

Yes, Cherry Hill knows horses. She taught equine classes in college from 1975 to 1985, and was a horse show judge for national breed organizations for twenty-five years.

This book is a non-technical handbook on relationships between horses and their humans. It teaches about horse basic needs, horse anxiety, and all aspects of horse behavior. With this book a person can learn how to make their horse happy.

The review of this book by Horse & Rider noted, “Any horse owner, from beginner to advanced, will find information of value in this book.” It sounds like this could be a good gift for any serious horse lover.

Horse Decal Sticker for Car or Truck

This has got to be the cheapest thing on this list. If you haven’t found anything cheap enough yet – this is it. One genuine 3.5″ x 6″ sticker appropriate for putting on cars, trucks, and windows. Perfect for a stocking stuffer, or wrap it in a big box as a gag gift. Reviewers on Amazon say it looks fantastic on their vehicles. Just what every horse lover needs.