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Ladies Scarves & Shawls, 2015

I love getting a new scarf as a gift, so I suggest that if you’re buying for ladies, scarves & shawls should do nicely. Almost every woman I know has a collection of them she wouldn’t mind adding to. Be creative with your shopping — you could find something she’ll love and wear again and again.

Beautiful silk and pashmina scarves and shawls make a perfect gift, any time of year, but they are particularly needed for winter warmth. These scarves make a wonderful Christmas gift!

Very popular this year:

Hat, scarf, and glove sets for men or women

Pure pashmina cashmere

Genuine pure pashmina from Kashmir

Cashmere ponchos and wraps

Alpaca, cashmere, pashmina, and fleece scarves, especially in red or orange

Scarf accessories

70% pashmina / 30% silk shawls

Cool print bandanas

Ladies scarves and shawls - Girls Fashion Soft Scarf Wrap Chiffon Shawl Silk Scarves/Winter Knitted Cap/ NeckerchiefLadies scarves and shawls - Elegant Colorful Paisley Soft Pashmina Scarf Shawl Wrap NBH1401Y

Ladies Scarves – Christmas Gift Idea

If you’re buying for Christmas, consider getting two or more items that look good together. I like to suggest pairings, like teapots and teacups, or reading lamps with comfy support pillows. But in this case, we’re talking about ladies scarves, shawls, and wraps. Consider getting two that would match – and if it is Christmas, how about red and green scarves? Wouldn’t that be elegant and seasonal?

Ladies scarves and shawls -

This lovely duo is Christmas-ready in trendy green and red shades. This versatile scarf comes in 23 different colors, however, so if your preferred Christmas colors are blue and white, those are available too.

If you’re considering a blue and white duo scarf gift, why not think about switching out that white for a shimmery, glittery silver instead? Blue and silver are amazing Christmas colors and you might notice your lady friend wearing these on New Year’s Eve as well – depending on what other colors she’s planning for that night.

Switching white for silver takes the gift to a whole new level. Though these nice scarves are great for work, classes, church and shopping, the shiny silvery shawls speak to us of evenings in elegant places, beyond the ordinary activities of life.

When you give duo-gifts, it shows that you didn’t just pick out one thing in a hurry. It tells your loved one that you actually put thought into what you are giving. It shows you were thinking about ways to please her, rather than just buying the first thing you saw.

Silver Evening Wraps, Shawls

I’ll never forget that my grandmother showed up to my wedding wearing a beautiful, shiny, sequins-covered silver evening wrap. Shawls like this are adored by the women who receive them as gifts – and yes, even the old ladies like them, apparently. My grandmother looked lovely in hers.

Young women love this flashy look for evening wear. They are perfect for a dinner date, movie, or dance. If you live in a large city they’re perfect to wear just walking down the main shopping street on a balmy spring or autumn evening. And of course, they’re perfect for Christmas Eve or even Christmas Day itself. Your favorite woman could match the shiny tinsel on the tree.

Silver appeals to women – not because silver is the color of the quarter and half-dollar, but just because it is shiny, pretty, and awesome. It is the color of the stars in the sky, the moon on a summer evening, and the chrome on a vintage car. Silver shines. That’s all there is to it.

Ladies scarves and shawls - NEW YORK Women’s Floral Dazzling Sparkle Evening Scarf Wrap Shawl [Silver]Ladies scarves and shawls -’s Sheer Mesh Sequin Evening Wrap Shawl w/Fringe Party Scarf (Silver)Ladies scarves and shawls - Peacock & Heart Sequin Fringed Evening Wrap Shawl for Prom Wedding Formal (White/Silver)

Pure Cashmere Scarf, Shawl

This lovely pure cashmere scarf is 78″ by 28″ – enough to warm arms and shoulders. This is a genuine cashmere wool scarf – 100% cashmere – absolutely no blending, available in blue, purple, red, or chocolate brown.

Ladies scarves and shawls - Shawl (100% Pure Certified Cashmere Shawl) From Peach Couture (Red)Ladies scarves and shawls - Wrap/shawl/stole (100% Pure Cashmere Shawl) From Peach Couture (Chocolate Brown)

Pure cashmere comes from the cashmere goat, where else? It is softer than ordinary wool, but insulates about three times better.

The United States “Wool Products Labeling Act” of 1939 says that a product can be labeled “cashmere” only if:

1. The produce is from the fine de-haired undercoat from the cashmere goat (Capra hircus laniger),

2. The fiber’s average diameter is not more than 19 microns, and has a variation of not more than 24%.

Cashmere goats moult at the end of winter; that’s when they’re ready to have their hair removed. It would start falling out anyway – they don’t need it in the warm weather.

Cashmere is removed from the goat by shearing or combing. Shearing is commonly done in China, Mongolia, Iran, New Zealand, Afghanistan and Australia, but in the United States, the wool is normally combed out. By combing, the collection has a higher percentage of pure cashmere. The rest of the goat’s hair is removed too. As it is coarser, it is used for brush making and a variety of non-clothing items.

De-hairing is a mechanical process. It separates hairs from fine cashmere fibers, leaving only the soft, fine cashmere wool, which can then be dyed and prepared for weaving.

Cashmere goats for pure cashmere scarves, shawls -

Cashmere goats in Australia – Photo by Paul Esson.

Pashmina Cashmere and Silk Scarf

Pashmina and Silk Scarf - multiple vibrant, bright, or subtle colors (55 colors in all).

Blends of cashmere and silk make lovely pashmina scarves, wraps, and shawls, for affordable elegance. Because pashmina cashmere is in such demand these days, pashmina goats have been bred commercially in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert providing cashmere of equal and excellent quality at a much lower price.

Cashmere for scarves and shawls is blended with silk – often at a 70% cashmere and 30% silk blend pashmina, but percentages can vary all the way down to 50% each cashmere and silk. This scarf is a blend of 60% pashmina cashmere and other fibers, and 40% silk.

Changthangi or pashmina goats wander through Jammu and Kashmir, the northernmost state of India, in the Himalayan Mountains. Their soft cashmere wool from neck and underbelly is called pashmina when woven.

Pashmina from Jammu and Kashmir is very trendy now; everyone seems to want a few cashmere pashmina fashion accessories in their wardrobe. However use of pashmina for shawls dates back to ancient times, as recorded in Indian texts between the 3rd and 11th centuries.

Women love to have these pashmina cashmere scarves and shawls in a variety of colors, so don’t be afraid that your giftee (the one who will receive this gift) might have too many scarves or shawls already. This scarf, which measures 78 inches by 28 inches, comes in so many colors, you could buy the entire rainbow.

There’s coral, baby blue, ivory, periwinkle, teal, navy, coffee, gray, charcoal, black, black, wine, blue-gray, burnt orange, mustard, champagne, amethyst, fuchsia, powder pink, caribe blue, aquamarine, celadon green, bottle green, military green, and many other colors to choose from.

Pashmina Silk Shawl -
Pashmina Silk Shawl

This color is called “vanilla” – the plain vanilla wrapper for a special, loved woman. Most women have a dozen or more outfits this scarf would look wonderful with.

Why do women like to wear scarves? Because they can change the look of an outfit in an instant. They are comforting and attractive. Scarves and shawls enhance what we wear, and rarely detract from our appearance. I like having them to cover my collar, and of course they lend a bit of added warmth during winter, covering neck and sometimes, shoulders and arms.

They are easy to care for, though pashmina or cashmere should be dry-cleaned or washed by hand in cold water. Wool is wool, you know?

How to Wear Scarves, Shawls

How to wear scarves and shawls -
Book: 50 Ways to Wear a Scarf

There are many ways to wear ladies scarves, shawls and wraps. We can get as creative as we like. There’s no limit on what can be done with them, but I love watching YouTube videos that show numerous ways to wrap theses around. Some styles are better for daytime wear, and others you would choose for elegant evening wraps.

What a dynamic duo-gift idea… give this book along with a scarf or two. This will help any woman improve her wardrobe and scarf-tying skills. There are fifty scarf arrangements illustrated in this book. I imagine it would be a lot of fun for a mother and teenage daughter to practice tying scarves together. I know my daughter would love it. She’s my perfect wardrobe and hair adviser. How lucky am I? She needs a book like this! She would love it!

Eight ways to tie a scarf

Scarves, Wraps, Shawls

Would you like to have a few definitions? What’s a scarf? What’s a wrap? What’s a shawl? And how do they all compare?

A scarf is “a long, broad strip of wool, silk, lace, or other material worn about the neck, shoulders, or head, for ornament or protection against cold, drafts, etc.; muffler.”

A wrap is “something to be wrapped about the person, especially in addition to the usual indoor clothing, as a shawl, scarf, or sweater.”

A shawl is “a square, triangular, or oblong piece of wool or other material worn, especially by women, about the shoulders, or the head and shoulders, in place of a coat or hat outdoors, and indoors as protection against chill or dampness.”

All these definitions come from Dictionary.Com, one of my favorite internet sites.

Gold Evening Wraps, Shawls

Before I leave this page, I must show you some of these beautiful, shiny, gold evening wraps, shawls and scarves. They are the ultimate for evening elegance. Some women prefer silver, but many of us prefer gold. Before you buy, look at a woman’s jewelry or eyeglasses. Does she use silver, or gold? Some women have a marked preference for one or the other.

Ladies scarves and shawls -’s Sheer Mesh Sequin Evening Wrap Shawl w/Fringe Party Scarf (Gold)Ladies scarves and shawls - Organza Shawl/Wrap with beadings in several colors – Organza ShawlLadies scarves and shawls - Madison Shawl, Long Fringe Sequin Evening Wrap Gold/Gold